Benefits of Thinking Positively

Benefits of Thinking Positively

Thank you for joining us on day one of the Positive Thinking Challenge. If you haven’t
signed up yet, you can do so here www.javiwellness.com/selftalkhabits. Today in the challenge, we were talking about making a list of reasons why you want to think more positively.

The problem with that is that you might not be aware of the many ways it can benefit
you! So, here are some amazing reasons to be more positive every day.

You Can Reduce Your Anxiety and Depression
First of all, if you feel unhappy in general, or struggle with depression or anxiety, you
definitely want to learn how to think more positively. This is not going to cure these
mental illnesses, but it can definitely help reduce some of their side effects. If your
anxiety disorder causes severe panic attacks any time you worry about a specific thing,
and learn how to think more positively, you might just learn how to cope better and ease
those panic attacks a little.

It is also going to help you with general happiness each day, where you are not as
affected by some of the negative things that might happen.

Stress Doesn’t Affect You as Much
In addition to helping with anxiety and depression, thinking positively can also help
tremendously with your stress levels. Stress can affect just about every are of your life,
including your physical and mental stress, home life, work and relationship with co-
workers, personal relationships, and so much more. To get a handle on your stress,
start to learn how to think more positively.

You Develop Better Coping Skills
Another great benefit to keep in mind is that you learn how to cope better. You canít
prevent anything negative from happening in your life, as that is what makes you
human. But you can definitely control how you react to unexpected situations, and learn
how to cope a little better.

When are a more positive person, you take these little hiccups as learning experiences.
You are able to see the good and bad in any situation, and find at least one positive
thing to say about it. This can really help you deal with anything from losing a job or
ending a relationship, to a traumatic event.

You Surround Yourself with Positivity
Donít forget that attitude and moods are contagious. We will talk about this more later in the challenge, but for now, you should know that when you are more positive, others will be as well. It spreads rapidly throughout other people, so you are actually helping
everyone in your life to be surrounded by more positivity.

How to Help Others with their Positive Thinking

Once you get used to thinking more positively and living a positive and optimistic life,
you can start sharing this with others. Helping others to think more positively is a
wonderful way to surround yourself with happy, content people who will lift you up just
as much as you lift them up.

Here are some helpful tips for helping others with their own positive thinking.

Become a Beacon of Hope and Positivity
There is no better way than showing by example. Without saying a thing, people will
know when you have become a more positive person. Suddenly, your Facebook posts
are about optimism and light, instead of blue, sad, and depressing updates. When they
are around you, you always have a smile on your face, and when something negative
happens to you, you always have a way to be positive about it. This is what others will
see, and soon develop on their own.

Provide Encouragement to Others
Another amazing method for helping others to be more positive is giving them
confidence. Encourage your friends and loved ones when they are trying something
new, tell them when they do a great job, and show them that they can truly accomplish
anything they put their mind to. When you are confident and feel good about yourself,
you think much more positively about different situations.

Express Your Gratitude for Other People
Expressing gratitude isnít just beneficial for you, but to others in your life as well. Every
time you are grateful for someone, show them and tell them! Let them know you
appreciate them and are grateful for them being in your life. Tell them specifically what
you appreciate and how it had a positive impact on your life. Show through action by
helping them and being there for them the same way they were there for you.

Recommend Ways to Be More Positive
If someone in your life seems down or overly negative, show them ways to be more
positive. Let them know how you personally shifted your mindset, find the bright side to
any situation, let them know a way it can be looked at as a good thing. In the worst
situations, just being there for them and helping them move on from something is the
best thing you can do to help them find the positive spin.

Keep showing others how to think and be more positive, and they can someday share
this with others as well.

5 Simple Ways to Express Gratitude

If you want to be a more positive person, sometimes it just takes appreciating the good
that is already in your life. This can be done through expressing gratitude. Here are
some different ways you can express gratitude every day.

  1. Become an Active Listener
    IF you want to be more grateful of others and show your gratitude, be an active listener.
    This means not just hearing what someone says, but really absorbing what they are
    telling you. Donít use your phone when someone is talking to you. Look them in the
    eyes and take in what they are telling you. This is active listening, and shows the other
    person that you care about what they have to say.
  2. Express Gratitude in Your Journal
    One way many people like to show gratitude is by writing it down in their journal. This is
    something you can do every day, by writing down at least one thing each day you are
    grateful for. Some days will repeat, which is okay! Other days, there will be a specific
    situation that you appreciate. It is okay to just be grateful you woke up and have your
    health, that you have a job, or something as simple as eating one of your favorite things.
  3. Always Thank People Who Have Helped You
    Remember to tell people when you are grateful for them. Whether they have done
    something to help you, gave you a compliment, or were just there for you, this is a good
    reason to show your appreciation. A simple thank you is enough, but when someone
    goes above and beyond, really tell them how much you appreciate them and that you
    are very thankful to have them in your life. This little gesture means so much to the
    person receiving the gratitude.
  4. Create a Gratitude Jar
    If you donít want to write down all the reasons you are grateful in your journal, try
    creating a gratitude jar. You can use small pieces of paper to write down one thing you
    are grateful for each day, fold it up, and put it in the jar. This is a fun activity you can do
    with your family as well, helping everyone to be more grateful. It is also a great gift for
    others, where you can personalize an empty jar for them and give them paper and pens
    to use for the gratitude jar.
  5. Volunteer to Help Others
    You can also express your gratitude through your actions. You donít always have to be
    vocal about how much you appreciate someone else and how they have improved your
    life, but instead show them through how you help them. Volunteer to help them with a
    big project, show up when they are going through a rough time, and invite them to
    spend time with you. When you go out of your way to be there for other people, they
    can feel your gratitude.

Tips to Think More Positively Everyday

As you have learned from our previous blog posts on the subject and if you are
following along with our Positive Thinking Challenge ñ thinking positively every day has
many benefits. It helps with your emotional and physical health, from improving your
daily life and relieving stress, to actually helping with your physical health and wellbeing.
If you want to learn how to think more positively every day, here are some tips to get

Have More Confidence in Your Own Abilities

More often than not, a lot of your negative thoughts are related to fears you have about
your own abilities, and not at all rational. Are a lot of your negative thoughts during the
day related to how you think you are failing, or in ways you donít think you will ever
succeed? These are the thoughts that are related to your own self-confidence. Start
acting with confidence, understanding your best skills, and really playing them up.
Focus on your best abilities and qualities, instead of becoming drowned in the skills you
think you donít have.

Act with Intention

It is also important that you act with intention, which will also help you to reframe your
thoughts into more positive ones. When you understand what you are doing and why
you are doing it, it automatically gives you more confidence about what you can
accomplish. This is going to help you feel good about yourself and what you got done,
which alone helps a lot with your positive attitude throughout the day.

Find Your Triggers for Negative Thinking
When you have days where it is difficult to get past certain negative thoughts, try to find
reasons for those thoughts. Was it from an unexpected event? Do you have an anxiety
disorder that leads to irrational fears? Is there someone in your life causing these
negative thoughts? What influence does the news or social media have on your

These and many other things can be triggers for your negative thinking. When you find
triggers, you are able to better to handle those situations, so that you can avoid them
and hopefully develop a more positive mindset.

Look for the Humor
Sometimes, bad things happen in your life that create a negative narrative, and you just
have to laugh it off. When your car breaks down on the way to work, or you have an
embarrassing moment you can’t stop thinking about, just move on, understand you can’t take it back, and laugh it out.

Turn a Negative into a Positive When You are Having a Bad Day

We have been talking about how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, but it isnít
always as easy as just putting a positive spin on it. Sometimes, you are just having a
terrible day and are completely consumed by one derailment after another. These are
the days when you need to think a little out of the box if you still want to be a positive
person who thinks optimistically about everything in life.

Here are some tips for reframing those negative thoughts into positive ones, even when
it seems like everything is going wrong.

Why Bother?
First of all, why do you need to reframe your negative thoughts? Technically, you donít
need to, but it can help to maintain a positive attitude as you go through life. It is not
what happens to you that defines you, but how you deal with it. Everyone has things
that go wrong or unexpected in their life, but not everyone has a negative attitude about
it. Why? Because some people have learned how to cope with the bad things and
somehow turn them into good things, even if they are just putting a positive spin on
something that had really unfortunate timing.

Write Everything Down
If you are a little overwhelmed by all the negative things happening on a particularly bad
day, just take a step back, take a breath, and write it down. Get out your journal and
detail everything that has happened. Describe in detail why you are having a bad day,
what has happened or gone wrong, and what you have done about it.

In some cases, you find positives just by writing it all down. In others, you just feel a little
lighter having vented through journaling. And in other situations, you might find that you
didnít have the best response to something, and you were actually the reason it went
bad. This intention is a really important lesson to learn moving forward.

There is (Almost) Always a Positive Spin
This might not be true for all bad things in your life, but there is usually a positive spin
you can put on most situations. It might be that you made a mistake, learned from it,
and will try harder not to make it in the future. Or the positive spin is just that the bad or
embarrassing moment is over, and now you donít have to relive it.

In other situations, maybe you had to go somewhere new because the place you
usually visit was closed, and while this put you in a sour mood, you met someone new
at this new place. Cherish and appreciate these unexpected moments, because they
really provide you with a lot more positivity.

At the end of the day, when you are still struggling, just appreciate that the day is over
and now you can move on from it.

Why You Should Journal for Positive Thinking

As you will know if you are following along with our Positive Thinking Challenge, a
journal is an amazing tool to use for thinking more positively. It isnít just great for gaining more clarity and venting your frustrations, but for your journey to being a more positive person as well.

Keep reading to learn about all the reasons why you should use a journal to increase
your positive thinking.

You Can Reframe Your Negative Thoughts
First of all, you will use the journal to help reframe your thoughts into more positive
ones. This is one of the biggest hurdles of thinking more positively, since you canít
control negative things that happen in your life. Almost every day, unexpected events
will transpire that might put you in a funk, make you feel sad or frustrated, or just really
affect the day you had planned out for yourself.

While you canít control these events, you can control how you deal with them. You can
use your journal to write down your negative thoughts, then look at ways to make them
positive. We will talk about this more in a later blog post as well so you really
understand how this works.

You Find Out Why You Have Negative Thoughts
As you begin journaling all your thoughts and feelings, you will also discover why it has
been hard for you in the past to have more of a positive mindset. There are often
patterns in the more negative things you talk about, whether they are all related to goals
you havenít achieved, your work or school life, or even specific people in your life.

It is important to be open and honest in your journal, because that is how you will
understand more about yourself and where your frame of mind comes from. By
understanding WHY you have negative thoughts, you are able to make changes in your
life to be a more positive person.

It Helps You to Be More Grateful for the Good in Your Life
Lastly, we really like journaling for positivity because you can express gratitude. Being
more grateful is all about understanding the good things in your life, whether it is your
health, people, or where you live and work, and appreciating it. You can write down one
thing to be grateful for each day in your journal, which immediately puts you in a better
mood and helps you to think more positively.

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